Our Story

Originally a residence, Niche Wine Lounge is segregated into several smaller areas with a living room setting where you can get together with your friends and feel as if you are entertaining at home.

Ted’s Story

During my forty plus years in shopping center development one of the most satisfying offshoot projects was helping mom and pop tenants open restaurants, bars and clubs. After retiring and moving to Holly Springs – my dream of opening my own bar became a reality.

At my first visit to the Niche it was still under construction. It felt like a great concept and over the next year I watched it mature. When it came up for sale, I thought I was the right person to take it to the next level. We have made many physical improvements since taking over – from the new front deck to the new unique bar top. We have created an environment that doesn’t feel like a bar and we “brand” the Niche as a home away from home where you can just kick back and relax with your friends in any of our “living room” settings.

I know design and construction but I knew very little about wine. Fortunately, Aldo was willing to join me and within four hours of deciding to take the Niche over, we were open for business. We have now built our menu to have the largest selection of fine wines by the glass anywhere in the state.

I have been very fortunate though out my life and the Niche has made my retirement years the best part of my life. Not only do I have the pleasure of entertaining my friends every day, it has also given me the opportunity to give a little back in return for my good fortune. The many charity events we have held at the Niche have been extremely satisfying and we have been able to help many people and organizations who needed our help.

Aldo’s Story

I moved to the Holly Springs two and half years ago from Naples Italy. I moved here because one of my friends who is from Holly Springs. I always told hem i had interest of moving to the USA, i had experience in bar managing and he told me about this little wine bar called Niche. True hem i got in contact with the owner at the time of the bar, we worked things out and shortly later i was in a airplane flying to that which is the land of opportunity. Is been a while since than, now that little wine bar is part of my life!

The Niche changed ownership almost two years ago, and since than i have seen this bar growing like nothing before. The new owner Ted, was one of the best costumer when the Niche was under the previous ownership, and the story i like to tell to everyone is he couldn’t afford he’s tab and he had to buy the bar. When Ted was a costumer of the Niche we happen to became very good friends, we made a path: he teaches me how to play golf and i teach hem about wine, and i will definitely say we both learn a lots from each other. The Niche is very important to me because the Niche is non the four walls of the building, the Niche is the people who come here everyday, here we hear story of lives, of different people, different cultures, but one of the most beautiful things of the Niche is: doesn’t meter who you are, from where you are or what color you are! When you walk in to tha door you are one of our friends and you feel like you are home!! I have met so many people, or for better say so many friends that now i can stay here raving about tam all day, and every day is a new day to meet new friends.

To end this bio is one of the things which my friend ask me all the time!! How do you know so much about wine, where do you learn it? Well my answer is: i have never been to scool for wine, i love wine, if you want to learn about wine you need to love wine! When you drink a glass of wine you need to close your eyes, isolate yourself from everything surrounding you, let your palate transport you! In a glass of wine is story, if you dig dip you can taste the different soil from around the world, see the sunshine on the vineyards, people, young and old picking the grapes, see culture’s!! Is more than you think in wine, the important is how you look it!

My name is Aldo and i am honored to be part of the Niche.